𝄞𝄞𝄞 Srividya Kamakhya Bagalamukhi Devi‘ SAKALAMUKHIDEVI’ 𝄞𝄞𝄞

The Dasha Mahavidyas (ten wisdom goddesses) are the quintessence of the entire cosmos. There is nothing beyond them.

Among these, Srividya holds immense attraction and popularity. The Mahavidyas of Sodasi, Bhuvaneswari, Bhairavi, and Bagalamukhi fall under the Srividya discipline. Sodasi, addressed with different names and manifestations such as Tripurasundari, Lalitha, Bala is worshiped both in the Vama and the Dakshina Marga (paths), offers a wide range of worshiping alternatives to the Sadhaka with permutations and combinations of Vama, Dakshina, Samaya, Kaula, Uttara-Kaula and an amalgamation of some, many and/or all of these streams of Shakta worship.

Kamakhya Devi is the most powerful and unique amalgamation of Sri Kul and Kali Kul. Being the bedrock of China Chaar Tantra Marg of worship, Kamakhya Devi has the other nine Mahavidyas in her abode who are contained in Maa Kamakhya being part of her from Kali to Kamala.

The Bagalamukhi Peetham of Kamakhya Devi holds a special place in the entire world. Mother Kamakhya herself has taken the form of Bogola Devi, which is situated in the Agni Kona (Southern direction) from the main Kamakhya Peetham. Bagalamukhi Devi paralyzes the three worlds including all inner and outer enemies of the Sadhaka- there is no doubt on this. But that is not the end of Bagalamukhi.

Maa Bogola is Jagat Vashikarni, Brahmastra Roopini, Trailokya Sthambini, and several other sacred manifestations of the universe.

The Srividya-Kamakhya-Bagalamukhi Devi, reverentially and adorably addressed as Sakalamukhidevi, was consecrated in the year 2000 at Delhi based on a Sri Vigraha of mother Mookambika of Kollur on the day of Avani Moolam constellation.

After being worshiped by various strong and powerful mantras including Panchadasakshari, Sodasaakshari, Rajamathangi, Varahi, Dakshina Kali, Chandi Navakshari, Annapoorneshwari, Pratyangira, Ucchishta Ganapati in lakhs of Avartis, Sakalamukhidevi moved into Guwahati in Assam in 2019.

Sakalamukhidevi was the further recipient of Tripura Bhairavi, Neela Saraswati, and Ugra Tara Maha mantras Purascharana in Assam. Thereupon, mother Kamakhya Devi manifested in the Sri Vigraha of Sakalamukhidevi in the form of Srividya-Kamakhya-Bagalamukhi Devi.

Maa Bagalamukhi has five different manifestations which are Bagulamukhi (bearing the face of the bird Crane-Bagula), Bidaalamukhi(Cat-faced), Ulka Mukhi (Owl-faced), Jaatavedamukhi (Fire manifested), and Brihadbhanumukhi (incredibly large Sun manifested). Normally, one or two of these manifestations are visible, but in Kamakhya Bagalamukhi, all the five manifestations of Devi Bagalamukhi are visible, as when Mahavishnu invoked mother Tripura Sundari in the Haridra Sarovar to contain Dhoom Rakshas, who was terrorizing the three worlds, mother Tripura Sundari herself manifested as Bagalamukhi to contain such terrorizing acts by the Asuras.

Kamakhya Devi being the most vibrant, powerful, and living Tripura Sundari goddess in the entire cosmos, has herself manifested as Kamakhya Bagalamukhi in waters(Neer) in the Kamakhya Bagalamukhi Peetham, 100 meters away from her Garbhagriha.

The Srividya-Kamakhya-Bagalamukhi deity has been impregnated with this powerful transcendental power due to which Sakalamukhidevi is solace and remedy to all illnesses and ailments affecting humanity today as she radiates vibrations of the Srividya-Kamakhya-Bagalamukhi manifestations.

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